Biogas Cleanup System


Over 30 years developing cutting edge chemical processes, materials and hardware for customers in the defense, aerospace, energy and chemical industries

TDA Research, Inc. has a proven record of commercializing our R&D projects. We have licensed large industrial processes and manufactured tens of tons of sorbents, catalysts and advanced chemicals, with multi-million dollars in sales. We manufacture specialty chemicals and build flight-qualified hardware for NASA and DoD. TDA and its partners have sold over $ 75 million of products developed by government and private funding, with over $200 million investment in high fidelity technology demonstration, testing, and qualification.

New materials:

  • Catalysts and Sorbents
  • Fullerenes and Carbons
  • Polymers and Aerospace Paints
  • Cleaners

Hardware components:

  • Life Support System
  • Personal Protective Devices
  • Specialty DoD Hardware