Commercial Products

SulfaTrap™ Purification Product

SulfaTrap LLC (, is one of the largest U.S. suppliers of sulfur removal sorbents and purification products widely used in the fuel cell systems, distributed hydrogen generators, chemical plants, biogas installations and gas processing applications. Sulfa Trap™ sells sorbents that remove all types of sulfur contaminants and builds complete sulfur removal systems.

CO Oxidation Catalyst

TDA manufactures an ambient temperature CO oxidation catalyst that is used in the Oxygen generators used in U.S. Navy’s F/A-18 fighter aircraft fleet. A total of 1,100 aircraft are equipped with TDA’s catalytic filter that provides the pilot’s with utmost protection against carbon monoxide and other harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


TDA’s SSDX® aircraft cleaner (SSDX-12® and SSDX-4®) are qualified for routine aircraft cleaning per MIL-PRF-87937D “Cleaning Compound, Aerospace Equipment”. Through a collaboration with Proctor & Gamble and Army funding, SSDX-12® was developed as a decontamination detergent product for aircraft use, and is optimized for removal of chemical warfare agents. SSDX-12® aircraft cleaner/decon solution through our licensee M2DCON (

Conducting Polymers

TDA manufactures and sells specialty chemicals (p-type and n-type conducting polymers and fullerene derivatives) through Sigma-Aldrich. The business agreement with Sigma has placed our products into the hands of hundreds of researchers worldwide; the key to getting our materials incorporated into the new products they are developing. TDA has an agreement with Sigma Aldrich Fine Chemicals to make them as demand grows.