Commercial Partners

R&D Partners

Partner with us to develop technologies to your specific requirements

TDA excels at finding novel solutions to your greatest challenges. Our broad experience in R&D fields allows the application of an out-of-the-box approach to cross-cutting solutions.  We have teamed with large and small partners; many of these partnerships have resulted in long term productive business relationships.

Business Development

Tap into the exclusive TDA expertise

Looking to remain agile, innovative and growing? Partnering with TDA allows you to optimize your resources of time, infrastructure, and finances.

  • A highly capable lab and facilities that will allow quick turn around
  • Low overhead that allows most of the funds to be spent on R&D
  • With a third of our staff having PhDs and a productive supporting technical staff, we’re larger than most internal R&D departments.

We appear small but our results are powerful and effective. TDA is 100% focused on research and development and has a wealth of innovative technologies to bring to new problems. We have numerous patents and a portfolio of IP for licensing.