Chemical Processes

Direct Oxidation

TDA developed catalysts that partially oxidize hydrogen sulfide (H2S) to form sulfur and water. Removing H2S from natural gas costs U.S. industry roughly $2 billion per year, and for small plants with capacities of 1-10 tons per day our process reduces the cost of sulfur removal by 40%. The first full-scale demonstration of our process at an enhanced oil recovery facility in Plains, TX. Two commercial units were installed in Southern California with sales exceeding $8 million. The process is licensed to GTC Technologies (Houston, TX).


TDA developed the world’s first large-scale fullerene manufacturing process (fullerenes, also called buckyballs are hollow sphere carbon molecules). TDA developed a combustion-based fullerene production process then scaled up and licensed all of the reactors for Frontier Carbon’s 30-ton/year plant. More than 90% of the fullerenes ever made have been made in TDA’s reactors.